The simple beauty of American lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
The American style has a sense of culture and extravagance, and it cannot lack a sense of freedom and emotional appeal. Generally, American lamps are divided into three types: copper, resin and iron. They are more subdivided from the style, such as American country, American classical, modern American, American simplicity, etc. In the copper lamp industry, American-style copper lamps are widely known as American lamps. Their types include: American country copper lamps, small American copper lamps, American simple copper lamps, etc. The charm of American lamps lies in the exquisite and noble shape, texture, carving and color, and the intriguing place reveals the ancient and long-lasting fragrance. In general, American copper lamps must go through several stages of work to highlight the American style. Mechanical lathe processing, the details processed by the precise lathe are not picky, the edges and corners of the produced lamps are clear and smooth, the surface is free of trachoma, smooth and smooth, and the color treatment is even and smooth, it has a strong texture.
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