The secret of European chandelier lampshade matching

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
There are many styles of European chandeliers, and the types of lampshades are also different. European chandeliers with different materials bring different decorative effects. European chandeliers with different shapes and styles can produce different effects and beauty, the fabric lampshade gives the impression of simplicity and elegance. Its adjustment of light brightness not only meets the needs of production or operation, but also protects eyes. It can also improve the overall aesthetic feeling and ornamental value of lamps and lanterns. When you want to replace the new lampshade, don't buy the same lampshade as before. Try more other styles. You can find that the interior changes greatly. 1. Shape: the shape of a lampshade should be consistent with the outline of a European chandelier. If the lamp holder has a curve, the lampshade should also have a curve; If the lamp holder is flat, choose a straight lampshade; The lamp with heavy chassis and a tapered lampshade can make it look lighter. 2. Material: silk lampshades are used in formal rooms or bedrooms. Linen, parchment and woven lampshades are suitable for use in family activity rooms or small rooms, hand-sewn or hand-drawn lampshades can add intimacy and softness to the room. 3. Color: The white lampshade has good light penetration and can be matched with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; Black and color are relatively less penetrating than light. They can radiate light downward, making local light stronger and matching with bronze lamp body.
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