The second session of all-Copper Solder lamp 2013 dealer training was successfully completed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
Yesterday, after a five-day intense training, the second session of the snooker glass solder lamp 2013 was successfully completed. A total of 12 newly joined glass solder lamp dealers from all over the country participated in this training. The training content channel system, employee training system, performance appraisal system, product knowledge system and corporate culture of the company are five systematic trainings. Its purpose is to enable glass solder lamp dealers to better complete the market layout of glass solder lamps and reflect the brand value of snooker Mercure glass solder lamps. The glass solder lamp channel system solves the traditional sales method in which dealers often rely on stores to do business. It adopts a three-dimensional sales network architecture based on glass solder lamp stores and supplemented by invisible channels and engineering channels. The performance appraisal system for sales personnel of glass solder lamps has solved the problems that the appraisal indicators of sales-related personnel in the past cannot be quantified and the implementation is difficult. It is a scientific and effective staff assessment system to help glass solder lamp sales personnel to mobilize the enthusiasm of relevant personnel to the greatest extent. The textbook for this training is the finalization of the snooker Mercure glass solder lamp after the fifth revision. Compared with the past, it has been greatly improved and more pragmatic. At the same time, it also added a scene of face-to-face sales, and made a more profound analysis around the common problems in the sales process of glass solder lamps in the past.
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