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Paula Robinson offers space
Save solutions, building suggestions and style tips, chandeliers-based on the way and location of the suspension-
Crystal chandelier in particular
It looks amazing or disastrous.
The successful inclusion of a person in the family is a matter of creative placement and ensuring the right context.
While gorgeous crystal chandeliers can easily fit into a grand reception room in a gorgeous ballroom or solemn residence, in most of today\'s homes they look ostentatious and inappropriate.
With talent and sense of adventure, however, there are two exceptions to this rule.
First of all, a crystal chandelier can be hung for attention in a stylish and simple modern interior --
Grab in an unexpected location.
Choose the least obvious place in your home: in the Super
Modern kitchen utility room (
I want to wear the crown in the laundromat)
Or in a bold, eye-painted corridor or corridorGrab the color. Tongue-in-
The cheek is the name of the game: the chandelier, its location and the surprise appearance of the background are both dramatic and dramatic, attracting the respite and smile of the onlookers.
Consider the Venetian style if you want a more colorful chandelier (Murano)glass -
Keep in mind that they are often crafted and expensive.
The second exception to the rule is that if you have a very feminine
Room or home in white and cream color.
Crystal chandeliers can be perfectly integrated into this environment.
There is only a neutral palette, plush textured fabric, glass and regular mirrors around the chandelier, which will increase the atmosphere and sparks in the room.
A neutral background will weaken any excess of the chandelieropulence.
Tradition requires hanging chandeliers from the delicate ceiling in the center of the room.
But today\'s interior design and movement away from central fixtures make the traditional hanging chandelier look a bit oldfashioned.
Get creative and look at other locations, especially if your home is contemporary: off-
Center, corner or non-centerset by two (or more)
Simple lamps with frame chandelier.
If you dare to be different, you will be surprised by the results.
The dimmer switch is a full
Important features-
Especially if your chandelier is big.
Controlling the brightness is critical to setting the right mood in the room.
Instead of using a clear bulb, choose an opaque bulb because they give a softer light that makes the entire fixture look less brittle.
The word chandelier is often reminiscent of carefully crafted crystal work, but it also refers to more gentle branching lighting. Simple wrought-
The iron chandelier can be amazing in any environment
In a cottage, barn, traditional or modern home.
Their clean and powerful lines drew attention without dominating the room.
They look very beautiful.
Catch the ball with a candle
The old brass chandeliers, such as the photos left on the North Glen Glass, are warm and soft, while the new brass looks cold, reminiscent of the large hotel facilities.
Similarly, the old wooden chandelier has more personality and charm than the new chandelier.
Carved wooden chandeliers look more delicate and have a clear rustic style than uncarved chandeliers.
Decorating the chandelier makes it look less dated or tired is an interesting option.
If the material used by the branch is not attractive, consider patching the structure.
Paint it in bright colors
But be sure to choose the right paint for the given material.
Adding existing details brings a whole new character to the chandelier: keep your imagination wild and limited only by balance and weight factors.
Choose a theme that appeals to and fits the basic style of the chandelier and room: use the natural look of branches and pine nuts or hay, flowers and berries;
Deploy the salvage theme of a collection of bottles or miniature clock faces;
Dining theme using old silver tableware;
Show the clothing theme of a ribbon interwoven with a string of beads.
Whatever you choose, make sure the elements are mixed together and don\'t look confusing.
You can also change the changes by changing the details seasonally.
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