the right lighting can be pretty and practical

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
Lighting may be a key design element in apartment life.
\"Lighting is probably one of the most important elements of the home.
\"Bright Places make people happier,\" says Calgary architect and designer Majida Devani . \" He pointed out that the correct lighting is not only functional;
It can charge the apartment with design wow. She is the co-
Founder and chief designer of Rndsqr, builders and developers behind several cutsedge inner-city multi-
Including the recently launched home project and the winner of the mayor\'s Design Award, yard 33.
Located at 33 S AvenueW.
In Marda Loop, this hybriduse six-
Apartment 56-floor residential projectstyle homes.
At yard 33, Magida hopes to create a compelling look by using custom and designer lighting. From hanging T-
Shape pendant for stylish and modern track lighting (
Yes, the track is back)
The fixture is black, adding a touch of refinement to the appearance.
Under counter lighting, sink lighting, pot lights in the bathroom and bedroom, and electric bedside lighting are standard.
\"When people see apartment type houses, they really should look for these things --
But they don\'t usually think about the problem because they are shocked by everything else, \"Devani said.
While browsing the home, you can also look for lighting in the bedroom, as well as the convenient location of the switch.
If you are buying a luxury apartment, you may want to upgrade to stair lighting or art-specific lighting.
\"Once you get into a family, it can be annoying if you need to go out and buy fixtures, or if there is no light in your bedroom,\" Devani said . \".
Don\'t forget the pot lights.
Most designers and builders think this is a must.
Vice President Chris Williams said: \"Homeowners like pot lights
President of the master of Avalon architecture, a building and developer known for energy
Efficient and eco-friendly homes including popular Zen townhouse.
The Zen project is currently under way at Seton, Cranston, Redstone and Chinook Gate.
\"We always start with maximizing the use of natural light and then supplement it with LED lighting,\" he said . \".
Williams says a well-lit house is important for creating a solid return on your daily life and investment.
From the project to the project, Zen townhouse is very similar in design, but Williams notes that the biggest driver of the change in lighting design is the change in lighting technology.
He explained: \"With the new LED lighting technology, in some cases, the pot lamp is almost deeper than the dry wall and much cheaper than the traditional pot lamp, \"notice that they are standard features for the entire Zen product. Eye-
Capturing the lighting of the kitchen pendant also adds luster to Avalon\'s Zen home.
In terms of lighting trends, the focus this year is elegance and sophistication.
Calgary designer Alykhan Velji said: \"We have really seen a lot of exquisite lighting equipment that mix materials from glass to brass, black metal and even some colors . \" Who recently designed a public space for 15-Neststorey, 82-
Mission Unit apartment development, just a few steps from Elbow River.
The trend is over.
From wall lamps to various fixtures of chandeliers and pendants, the shape of proportions, asymmetry, organic and sculpture can be seen
In Nest\'s public space, Velji focuses on stylish, industrial-style lighting, setting the tone for mixing and mixing, a place for owners to hang out and work, or just have a drink
But one thing is certain;
It\'s nice to have some personal space when buying an apartment.
Rndqr brings together a range of lighting package designers curated by Kit\'s internal objects, including additional-
Lamp, task lamp, floor lamp and desk lamp.
In addition, owners can add their own rotating devices using restaurant fixtures.
\"Sometimes people just don\'t have time to go shopping.
\"We just wanted to make the process simple,\" Devani said . \".
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