The requirements and steps of lamps and lanterns is made

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-23
The requirements and steps of lamps and lanterns made 0 0 - Order of lamps and lanterns is also a good way of choose and buy, in recent years, a lot of places like the designer to design the lamps and lanterns, such as hotel, KTV, restaurants and other places of high-grade. Because common lamps and lanterns can't satisfy the needs of customers. Custom lighting can create a romantic and unique lighting effects, is also very conforms to the characteristics of places. Customize the lamps and lanterns has the following three aspects of the requirements. Lamps and lanterns is made before the first to choose the lamps and lanterns is suitable radiator. The degree of heat lamp bead to the lighting effect and service life of lamps and lanterns has a great influence, if too dark, so lighting effect is not enough. The design of this kind of lamps and lanterns, is one of the cooling way, adopted by the single lamp bead cooling and external cooling fan. Moreover, the size of the radiator and the quality of the design materials all have certain influence on the effects of heat dissipation. Custom also to check the lamps and lanterns at the end of the lamps and lanterns. The quality of the parts also play a significant role for the whole life of lamps and lanterns, if we get good power supply, the use of lamp bead also has a decisive role, and if the power supply is not good, also affected the brightness of lamps and lanterns, not even light. Choose ceiling before we must choose good brand, good brand lamp bead quality also is very good, which can bring good lighting effect. So can't keen on gaining petty advantages and choose those cheap lamp beads, some of the biggest brands in Europe and the worthy of choice, the making craft of the brands are guaranteed. The following is the process of customized lamps and lanterns. , custom lamps and lanterns, between the client and the designer must first fully contact and communication, to inform the designer own interests as well as the style, so designer will according to the actual situation of the room to develop a reasonable lamps and lanterns is customized programs. , at the same time, the designer can take customer to visit the lamps and lanterns of custom-made sample exhibition hall, then inspects the process of lamps and lanterns, communicate with consumer trend nowadays. When, through communication, designers have roughly understanding of client's needs, you can determine the customize the preliminary scheme of lamps and lanterns, please customers confirm again after design completion. Measuring location and size of lamps and lanterns, the designer, such as the installation of lamps and lanterns and put the position, the designer from the perspective of multidimensional accurate measurement on the location of lamps and lanterns. At the same time, also note that the custom of lamps and lanterns with furniture, adornment or hang around collocation, conforms to the collocation of color and visual changes. , designers, according to the result of field measurement, can develop a reasonable design, and then carries on the preliminary plan to communicate with customers, and for not satisfied place can ask stylist changes until customer satisfaction. , lamps and lanterns made in the process, manufacturers and customers to negotiation between the lamps and lanterns of material, surface treatment and so on. Custom after success, manufacturers to invite customer site acceptance. A: lamps and lanterns make to order what kind of artistic effect can be achieved? Next article: order when the choice of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to what details? Product recommendations
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