The Republic of China spy war drama 'The Pretender'-Complete copper lamp celebrity inspired

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Recently, Hunan Satellite TV's hit drama 'The Pretender' captured the major screens. All kinds of handsome guys and beautiful women are very eye-catching, and all kinds of spy bridges are dazzling. In the process of chasing the drama, the careful Xiaobian found some interesting things from this TV series. Isn't this the full copper lamp of the same style of snooker? Then Xiaobian Baidu out of curiosity, the relevant news of this 'Pretender. Only then did I know that the play was filmed in Shanghai, Hengdian, Jiaxing and other places. Most of the interior lights were all made of copper lamps. Many of the styles were still the same type of all-copper lamps used by our snooker House. The above are two all-copper lamps of the same style of snooker that Xiaobian found in the stills of 'The Pretender', and more will not be released one by one.
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