The quality of outdoor wall lamps determines the length of their service life

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Villa decoration is very exquisite, not only indoor lamps need to be carefully selected, outdoor lamps need to be strictly selected. Take the outdoor wall lamp as an example. It stays in the open air all the year round. If the quality of the lamp is not too hard, its service life can be imagined. Therefore, the quality of the outdoor wall lamp directly determines the length of its service life. Outdoor wall lamps should not cut corners on the material first. If the lamp material is too thin and meets windy days, the lamp is easy to be blown or even dropped, which is easy to cause potential safety hazards. In addition to the material, the process requirements can not be ignored. For example, if the outdoor wall lamp of all copper or wrought iron is not subjected to strict rust prevention treatment, and there is more outdoor water vapor, it is easy to rust, in this way, the lamps will not take long to strike. Snooker's all-copper outdoor wall lamps are produced through 36 processes, never cut corners, and the copper bars are polished three times to make the lamps look more glamorous. Since the outdoor wall lamps are in the open air all the year round, the all-copper outdoor wall lamps of snooker are designed with waterproof and moisture-proof. The lamps are all manually sealed with oil, which can more effectively prolong the service life of the lamps, even if they are used for a long time, the lamps are still bright.
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