the power of pendants

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-12
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The chandelier set off a storm in the design world.
There are plenty of options available today, and the suspension brings custom style and personality to any space.
From commercial use to common opening up
The concept floor plan of the newly renovated home, the pendant plays a more dramatic role.
\"Pendant lighting has become the jewel or iconic look of many spaces today,\" said Laurie Jarvis, who decorated the unique space of the Plaid model.
While practical features are still important, she says, the vast selection of styles and sizes available now \"allows consumers, homeowners and the design industry to put a personal stamp on the room \".
Kristi Blok, a decorator at Kiki Interiors, added: \"For me, they are almost sculptures . \".
\"They\'re functional, but they\'re also like art in space.
\"Hera Arevian of Arevco lighting saw a rise in the popularity of pendant lighting, and she put more than a quarter of space into the store to show them, and said they made up half of her sales.
\"The kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room, the stairs are all selling well,\" she said . \".
It is this versatility that excites her when talking about them, because they can work almost anywhere, whether as a single light, in a group, penny Southam, a designer on a track, said, or a few feet along the stairs, \"wash the light along the way \".
Even the tract builders are joining the bill, using bold options in the model house.
\"It does make a statement when you get the right lights,\" said Greg Graham, president of operations at Cardel hom Ottawa.
Many of Cardel\'s recent models have shown very prominent large and bold pendant lighting, especially on the kitchen island. In open-
Architect Toon Dreessen says conceptual layout is a great way to provide definitions by creating a screen between connected spaces.
\"Even if it is not opened, they will hang in the space to help define a space from another space.
\"They helped set the tone, provide the atmosphere and lighting, and create an atmosphere in the room,\" he said.
\"They play more roles in the overall details of a space,\" Southam added . \".
They often appear on kitchen islands because they play a bigger role in our family life.
\"The kitchen has evolved into a very functional space, and the island is usually the focus of modern kitchens today,\" said designer Linda Nolan . \" She decorated the model of Ritchie\'s craft. The multi-
Purpose space is used as a food preparation area, breakfast bar, homework station, buffet table, and even dining table, and pendant lighting is a great way to illuminate the work surface and increase visual appeal, she said.
\"This has become what people need to put in the kitchen,\" Arevian said . \".
\"The pendant is interesting.
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