The perfect combination of classical and modern copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Among the European lamps, all-copper lamps bear the brunt of the interpretation of the classical romantic exotic customs of European lamps, but too much classical decoration runs counter to the modern aesthetic orientation. Today, classical and modern lamps no longer conflict, the all-copper lamps introduced by snooker Mercure combine the neoclassical style, each of which adopts the most classic open line design in Europe. It is not only the collision between classical form and modern thinking, but also the running-in between tradition and fashion, the independent design makes it look more modern. Compared with the traditional one, it is more spiritual, close to the aesthetic standards of modern people and the matching of furniture decoration in design, but it can continue the context of traditional art, let a person get spiritual belonging and precipitation in a busy city. Different designs, or high-end atmosphere or restrained or shy and subtle beauty, there is always a full copper lamp suitable for your home decoration style.
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