The nods eyeball pen of household - Delicate and elegant crystal half dome light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-09-10
The nods eyeball pen of/home & ndash; Delicate and elegant crystal half dome light/crystal lamp, such as water ballet dancer. Stood on tiptoe, rotate, jump. Crystal lamp can blossom a dazzling light, a perfect crystal, so pendant more showily atmosphere. These different shapes, different sizes, different shapes of crystal pendants, colorful crystal lamp. The nods eyeball pen of crystal pendant is crystal lamp, prismatic crystals, octagonal crystal, crystal, set each other off of each other of a variety of crystal, the entire lamp appears more delicate and light. Crystal absorb dome light absorb dome light, both to stereoscopic AoTuGan, beautiful and smooth lines, two kinds of model set each other off becomes an interest, to may. Small size is more save space, the modelling of type suction a top position to adapt to more, with elegant and fruity radian let her become important to choose an outfit. ShiBi ng crystal transparent and shining, make the whole lamp hanging basket type of bead chain cover surface, wavy edge metal disk symmetric circular crystal ball, accord with Europe type lamps and lanterns of symmetry principle, will be decorative and practical integrated again. Specifications origin: European dome light type: crystal absorb dome light lamp and auxiliary material: crystal warranty period: 2 years models: L 715/9/05 lamp body is the main material: copper color classification: gold/ShiBi ng crystal ( Due to 9) Booking/ShiBi ng crystal ( Due to 9) Chimney main material: other light source types: incandescent energy-saving lamp LED light source number: 9 irradiation area: 5 ㎡ - 10 ㎡ whether or not to bring a light source of lamps and lanterns: without light source, voltage: 111 v to 240 v ( ) Power: 31 w ( ) - 40W( ) Suitable space: restaurant study other/other small bedroom lie style: European imports crystalline light scan qr code for design of lamps and lanterns with 18 sets, our competitors are both not scan qr code for more stock photography 'customer to film'
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