The new Chinese all-copper ceiling lamp makes your bedroom unique

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
Nowadays, people are increasingly fond of new Chinese style decoration. The new Chinese style combines modern elements with traditional elements to meet the aesthetic needs of modern people, thus creating a decoration style full of traditional charm. The new Chinese lamps are also one of the expressions of this style. If the home is a new Chinese style decoration style, whether it is the living room or the bedroom or other areas of the corridor need to match the new Chinese style lamps. Take the bedroom as an example. The new Chinese bedroom classic mahogany furniture is matched with a new Chinese all-copper ceiling lamp, with a touch of elegance in the classic, thus creating a warm atmosphere, at the same time, it can fully express the warmth of the new Chinese style bedroom. The representative pattern on the lampshade is a classic element that interprets the new Chinese style. Unlike other ceiling lamps, this new Chinese all-copper ceiling lamp does not need grandiose shapes or deliberate decorations. Simplicity is taste. This new Chinese copper ceiling lamp model: SX07361- 06 size: 530*200, applicable area: 10-15 ㎡.
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