The more copper lamps are raised, the better they look

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
All-copper lamps give people a noble and gorgeous feeling on home decoration. With the gradual extension of the use time, care can actually find that the surface changes of the all-copper lamp and the all-copper lamp just bought after a period of use are obvious, the color of the all-copper lamp body gradually becomes darker, just like a scholar with full knowledge. It shows the changes made by history to it, and has more and more historical flavor and lasting appeal. Perhaps you have found some small details. After several years of use, the surface of the all-copper lamp will produce something similar to rust. This phenomenon is called verdigris, also known as copper rust, presumably, the copper rust on the all-copper lamp in your home has added a lot of troubles to you, so snooker Meiju will explain how to quickly and simply clean the copper rust on the all-copper lamp. Precautions: 1. In the space where the copper lamp is installed, keep it dry and ventilated as much as possible, and do not contact with acidic and corrosive liquids or gases. If it can be done, future maintenance, basically, a clean, dry rag can be used. However, with the wide application of all-copper lamps, some will be installed in damp places such as restaurants, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Second, for some mild corrosion, it is found to be wiped clean with a clean dry rag. Some places that cannot be removed can be cleaned with detergents such as Belle beads. But be sure to remember that it cannot be left on the lamp body, so that the all-copper lamp body can be kept beautiful. Third, when verdigris is produced, we can use lemonade and salt to wipe it, kerosene to wipe it, and then toothpaste powder to wipe it, through these steps, the all-copper lamp can basically be restored to its original bright appearance. The existence of verdigris is a normal situation, but snooker Mercure has been taking very careful care of the surface of all-copper lamps for so many years in the production of all-copper lamps to avoid the production of copper green as much as possible. In general, all-copper lamps need daily maintenance, rather than waiting for the copper rust to be seen. Only daily maintenance can maintain the beauty of the full copper lamp body for a long time.
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