The matching of lampshade and light source, all-Copper Solder lamp creates warm light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
The light under the all-Copper Solder lamp is the different shape, color and material of the charming flirting artist in the room. Its size can create different feelings for different living rooms. Warm and even romantic atmosphere. Some people prefer cool colors. They use cold light sources too much in their homes to form a serious and cool style. They use cold colors and have waterproof function. The light of the lighting product should not be too dark, nor the brighter the better. If the brightness of lights, lamps, windows or other areas is much higher than that of the general indoor environment, uncomfortable glare will be generated and visual function will be damaged. Therefore, indoor lighting must avoid or reduce the interference of glare. The color rendering of the light source is also very important. 'Architectural lighting design standard' stipulates: ① in living rooms and office places, the color rendering of lights should be based on the color rendering of sunlight. (2) lighting design should serve the atmosphere expressed by space. (3) the mixed superposition of all-Copper Solder lamp light colors should form rich artistic effects. (4) ensure the aesthetic feeling of the space environment and the clear expression of people and things. The consideration of light color, medium color, lamp color, background color and space color should conform to the basic requirements of aesthetics and people's aesthetic habits. 5 to use the combination of light and dark, the combination of light and shadow to create a side that absorbs light, you need stronger light.
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