The living room full copper lamp is matched in this way

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
Key words: warm, warm and rich. The living room is a place for people to receive guests and is also an important place for home life. It is required to create a warm and warm atmosphere. You can choose a bright and splendid all-copper lamp, usually with a generous and bright all-copper chandelier or all-copper semi-ceiling lamp as the main lamp, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting. In principle, it is not recommended to use all-copper ceiling lamps as the main lighting for the living room. Relatively speaking, all-copper ceiling lamps are less decorative than all-copper chandeliers and all-copper semi-chandeliers. In addition, some auxiliary lamps are matched with decoration to play the role of local decoration or emphasis on key decoration areas, such as wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. When the light source is first distributed, the color temperature is 2700- 3000K warm white light is better, the wattage should be larger, but the maximum power of a single light source is best not to exceed the maximum power indicated on the lamp cap, otherwise it will affect the service life of the electrical part of the lamp, serious can also lead to accidents such as fires. As far as the main lighting is concerned, if the living room floor height exceeds 3. For living rooms over 5 m, two-to three-layer all-copper chandeliers with high grade and slightly larger size can be selected, so that the whole living room looks layered. The location of the chandelier should be above the tea table, preferably centered. The height of the suspension is about 2. About is appropriate. If the floor height is about 3 m, it is suitable to use a single-layer all-copper chandelier or all-copper semi-ceiling lamp as the main lighting: the floor height is 2. For those below 5 m, decorative all-copper ceiling lamps or anti-glare spotlights should be used to make up for the cramped visual effect caused by insufficient floor height. In addition, an independent all-copper desk lamp or all-copper floor lamp is placed at one end of the sofa to allow indirect light to scatter over the entire sitting area for conversation or browsing books and newspapers. You can also place a unique copper wall lamp on the wall to make the wall shine. If there are murals, display cabinets, etc. , invisible spotlights can be set to embellish them. Placing a miniature low-light incandescent lamp next to the TV can reduce the contrast between light and dark in the hall and help protect vision.
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