The living room ceiling is designed like this, and the low-priced apartment can easily install the living room chandelier!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
New home decoration, most families will want to install chandeliers in the living room, but for many low, high and low living rooms, installing living room chandeliers is a big problem, the following small series tells you, if you want to install the living room chandelier easily in the low-rise apartment, you have to work hard on the ceiling. 1. Around the ceiling, the way to leave the lamp pool in the middle. This kind of suspended ceiling can be molded with wood plywood, designed into various shapes, matched with spotlights and downlights, which will make people feel that the room space is increased, and then choose the living room chandelier with smaller height. 2. The way to make thick around and thin in the middle. This kind of suspended ceiling around is more exquisite in shape. Wooden keels are usually used as skeletons in the middle, opaque frosted glass is used for the panel, and Chinese ancient painting patterns or geometric patterns can be sprayed on the glass with different pigments, coupled with a Chinese-style living room chandelier, both modern and lighting. 3. Use a mirror wall to eliminate the depression caused by the ceiling. The living room is designed with suspended ceiling, so the wall surface should not be designed to be dark, and light color should be the main color as far as possible, such as beige and ivory walls are good choices. In addition, it is recommended to use reflective materials to decorate the wall surface, which can create a sense of emptiness. Therefore, when making the ceiling, we need to comprehensively consider the above factors and properly handle the relationship between these factors, so that the designed ceiling will not give people a sense of depression, the living room chandelier can be installed without pressure. Snooker is a lighting manufacturer that produces all-copper lamps for 18 years. Living room chandeliers cover various styles. For advice, please call the national toll-free hotline: 400-700-7609.
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