The lighting industry has earned a lot of 'four big' investment models

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-28


 How to attract business has always been a problem for people from all walks of life in the lighting and lighting industry. There are three main ways to attract investment: store investment, sales promotion, and advertising. However, as the industry competition becomes more and more fierce, terminal dealers tend to be saturated, and traditional investment methods are facing such problems and difficulties. Those who have access to the channel have the world, let us take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of the investment means that continue to play a role and explore the transformation of the way of attracting investment in the face of the new situation.

 Store investment

 Waiting for a rabbit to change to a tree

 From the 1990s to around 2018, the specialty stores in the lighting and lighting industry are very popular. Even a small store, as long as the latest lighting products, can not only fully demonstrate the quality and function of the products, but also show the company itself. The image and strength. At that time, the situation was: sitting can wait for the business, but also has the advantage of negotiating with it. However, with the continuous development of the wall sconce and wall sconce industry, this way of attracting fragrant investment has been promoted without restriction. The ubiquitous stores are dazzling, and the way of waiting for the rabbit is obviously no longer suitable for the development of the times. How to change a store? Another way to continue to attract investment has gradually become a problem of discussion in the industry.

 Experiential marketing breaks the traditional shackles and shows stronger corporate strength. In recent years, the lighting industry monopoly and single-store channels are prevalent. When the traditional product display marketing makes customers feel tired and criticized, the promotion of marketing as a sales terminal is not only to let the brand contact with customers as much as possible, so that customers can get more A good brand experience, at the same time, let dealers see the uniqueness of the product and the real ability of the company. Breaking the traditional shackles, making the store display become another marketing tool for the company. It can be seen that a good sales terminal image plays an important role in shaping the wall sconce brand image, conveying the lighting brand image and strengthening the brand identity.

 O2O combines online and offline to reflect a more realistic corporate product image.E-commerce is a major trend in the development of the industry. Following the development of the industry, e-commerce has long been a problem of doing and not doing it, but an issue that is done early or late. One industry person said. It can be seen that with the continuous deepening of the Internet era, the lighting and lighting industry is no longer a simple survival rule for survival of the fittest, but more of a new trend of survival for the first. The cake is so big, there are more and more people who want to eat cakes. To eat more and eat better, we must take a step by step. In the lighting and lighting industry, with the serious homogenization of products, the slow update of technology in the industry, and the backwardness of comprehensive service functions, the combination of online and offline O2O can better reflect the quality and image of enterprise products.

Secondly, whether the investment in the store waiting for the rabbit is successful still needs to look at its essence, the location of the store, the decoration, the level of the clerk, and so on. The so-called one-on-one movement, often the most basic is the most easily overlooked, but also the most influential.

 Advertising investment

 No innovation, death, innovation, death, survival

 The lighting and lighting industry is following the national policy, green environmental protection, energy saving and gradually bursting red. It is worth noting that the early information of the lighting and lighting industry development is not very circulated, and there are not many channels for people in the industry to obtain information. Therefore, advertising became the best way to attract investment at that time. At that time, advertising investment had the advantage of being effective. The image spokespersons that were subsequently derived were even more raging in the industry. However, when information channels increase, influenced by the Internet and mobile Internet, information tends to be transparent, and advertising investment is limited. Even with the use of celebrity endorsements, its positive effects can only be short-lived. Therefore, the eyeball effect that is purely relying on money is accumulated. No longer reliable.

 The basis of the brand is the quality and unique value of the product. The way to achieve the brand is based on the precise brand communication and brand positioning of the customer touch point. In fact, advertising is one of the means of brand communication, not just the brand itself. The above-mentioned industry people said so. Faced with the current situation of the lack of money for advertising and investment, people can't help but ask: Is there any room for advertising investment? How can we improve the effectiveness of China Merchants Advertising?

 Advertising innovation is not equal to playing gimmicks, playing gimmicks can not play the gods is equal to looking for death.

 For the above problems, Bill from EME a well-known marketing expert in the industry, once said that the reason why China Merchants Advertising failed is because many lighting lighting investment advertisements have many bad habits and vulgarities, which reduces the attractiveness of advertisements to target audiences and reduces the arrival rate of investment advertisements. Can not achieve the purpose of information communication.
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