The Internet is 'robbing' physical store lights. Where should you go if you want to join in lighting?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
In recent years, many dealers are complaining that the impact of internet marketing on physical stores is too great, and business is getting worse and worse. Even if there is a lot of advertising information about lighting joining online, they dare not contact them casually. It is undeniable that the advantage of the Internet is that it is not affected by time and region, and it can greatly reduce the cost of products. The most common and most practical thing is to reduce the cost of venue rent, this will also directly lead to more favorable products on the Internet than those distributed in physical stores. However, physical store distribution also has advantages that internet sales do not have, for example, it can understand products more intuitively. If we can integrate online and offline resources and launch a new marketing model with the two side by side, then we can gradually break the pattern of the Internet being the only one. Nowadays, there are two factors that have the most direct influence on entity dealers: first, time conflict. The time for entity stores to operate is also the time for people to work. The time for purchase and the time for operation cannot be well integrated, this will cause guests to pass by our physical store distribution. I do not deny that there are still many customers who will come to negotiate during the business period, but have you calculated how many customers you have missed from the time period? Second, the store restrictions (Style restrictions) Dealers in physical stores may have a small number of hanging boards due to factors such as venue, store area, rent, inventory, etc. If you increase investment, expand the store to increase the hanging board, inventory, then it will inevitably cause pressure on the dealer's inventory backlog. If the number of hanging boards is too small and customers cannot find suitable lamps in physical stores, then customers will naturally lose. This year, the O2O cooperative distribution model that has been planned for a long time in snooker has been officially launched. It is sold online, and the dealer store is used as the end customer group for direct service docking. Return profits to dealers who provide services. O2O marketing mode will perfectly solve the above pain points of physical store operation, and realize the combination of online and offline to maximize profits. In addition, customers' demand for styles and display of installation effect are also the focus of attention. For this reason, snooker Mercure all-copper lamp specially introduces a lamp distribution display system for O2O cooperative dealers around the country. This display system can effectively integrate field scenes with rich product libraries and provide customers with a more perfect user experience. Only a few days have passed since the all-copper O2O lamp in snooker United States. Nearly dozens of dealers have come to negotiate and complete the contract. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to dealers from all over the world for their support to our snooker Meiju. Snooker Meiju will create another glory with dealers in the future. If you join in the lighting, you will find snooker Meiju. The hotline is 400-800-7609.
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