The installation of indoor crystal chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
Crystal chandelier hanging installation every time see the mall beautiful crystal lamp, just thinking about when can I have a lamp that hang in the home? Heard that the installation of crystal chandelier it is quite complicated. Crystal chandelier accessories including suspension device, height adjustment device and wiring devices, such as the following were introduced. A, suspension device crystal chandelier hanging device, some with chain hoist, some with derrick, some direct wire suspension, according to the size of the load. Generally speaking, the chandelier multi-purpose chain hoist, useful also boom; Single chimney droplight most direct wire suspension, useful also chain hoist, but rarely use the derrick. Simple weight less than 3 kg of droplight, using double core rubber insulation, the outsourcing of the fabric 'yarn'. The weight of 4 - 5 kg of ballast fluorescent lamps, should adopt chain hoist. In order to better bearing and ornamental, can adopt chain hoist more suspension. Suspension device as ornamental, chain hoist should be bright, soft, natural, beautiful, the decorative pattern of derrick to garnish with concise and lively. So I can play the role of beautification of lamps and lanterns. Need to be aware of is the installation of hanging need safety rules to operate according to the crystal chandelier. 2, height adjustment device height adjustment device is mostly used in single chimney droplight, its method is equipped with a lampshade can deposit wire chamber and locking mechanism, can pull down when the height of the lamp is not enough, too light on the low lamp can be returned to the small room for the wire. There is a current relatively popular in the single chimney droplight, the chandelier height can be adjusted freely, the light has a pull handle. Adjustment is very convenient. The droplight used wire spiral coil elastic cable, in order to adjust the height of droplight, with a conductor in the ceiling of a hinge joint cassette player, cassette player of spring locking force exactly the same as the weight of the lamps and lanterns so droplight can stay on the height of any need. Zhongshan lighting lighting co. , LTD is a crystal chandelier manufacturers, professional design and development of Europe type crystal chandelier, modern crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan wholesale crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory service hotline: 400 - 0980 - 048 relevant search: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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