The inside of the multi-function hall hotel engineering lamps and lanterns have what conditions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
The interior of the multi-function hall is a whole. When initial lighting design, should pay attention to integral illume, the coordination of local lighting and accent lighting. Overall lighting need to master integral illume environment within the hotel, including brightness, type of light source, color temperature, etc. Usually according to different activities of local lighting need highlight activities during the highlighted part; Key lighting, hotel engineering commonly used lamps and lanterns of both flexible adjust the irradiation Angle, not only save the cost for the owners, and to change different scenarios more practical. The more high-grade, hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of choose the more complex. First of all, the basis of the multi-function hall lighting designed according to different purposes. When held a small event, we should design a uniform lighting environment, to avoid glare and avoid the use of energy-saving lamps light source. In the light environment, the human body is not easy to feel tired; When held a festive wedding banquet or similar activities, we usually use the color temperature is about 3000 k and have good color rendering of light source to take advantage of the festive mood. , of course, there are some news conferences, events, similar to that of the product launch at this moment, stage lighting is needed to achieve the ideal effect. Second, multi-function hall in the essential dimming system. The multi-function hall switch between scenes, can fully realize the dimming system. At the same time, the hotel can save energy by controlling system. The higher the more high-end hotels, hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, the higher the quality. The control system can prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns, and reduce the operating costs of the hotel. At this stage, most of the adjustable optical-intensity system used in the hotel will have the following characteristics: 1. Control wiring simple, flexible control method, control interface beautiful, easy to identify and use. 2. Concentrated in the central station, monitoring and management function can be realized through the control panel of local control at the same time. Distributed control system is completely independent, will not interfere with each other. Stop a partition will not affect the normal operation of the other partitions and equipment; Damage to any partition of any equipment will not affect the normal operation of other equipment, a and system maintenance is very convenient. 3. The various elements in the system can through the program setting of the diversity of functionality. Can be modified for different combinations of different circuits, without changing the circuit. Normal power supply, the system can automatically respond to emergency, emergency circuit completely lit; The system has module extension function, and can according to need to add the control circuit. Mature dimming system not only can realize the scene changes, you can also use the orderly light, darkness and moderate lighting environment, make the person feels comfortable. Third, the accent lighting in the application of the multi-function hall. Emphasis on lighting and indoor sculptures, murals, flowers and so on a series of results. Multi-function hall mainly use orientation, focused beam of light, which is beneficial to highlight the main characters and things in meetings and celebrations. Should be paid attention to in the design, the key lighting equipment are often hidden, it will not cause greater exposure point in space and to avoid glare? 吗? 。
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