The influencing factors of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of brightness and what

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Wattage, we choose the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns ( Light/bulbs) To investigate one of the primary data. So, when choosing a hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, in addition to we see the wattage, photosynthetic efficiency, but also consider the brightness ( What is the difference between the intensity of illumination and brightness) The factors? Or, before deciding to buy how much wattage of the lamps and lanterns, we also need to refer to what factors? First of all, since to say the brightness, that will have to mention a concept: the luminous flux ( LX) , that is, intensity of illumination of a standard, the unit is the lumen ( LM/㎡) Flux is refers to the radiation power of the human eye can feel, popular, is the human eye can see light number per unit area. : there's a formula 1 lx = 1 lm / ㎡, means, by the light of objects illuminated by uniform, on 1 square meter area of the proceeds of the luminous flux is 1 lumen, it is 1 lux. Here are some common places needed to reach the luminous flux of reference that occupy the home. In addition to the wattage, photosynthetic efficiency, the influencing factors of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of brightness what second, understanding the concept of luminous flux, the second step, is about to see the house if the area of a room or space is the area of 10 square meters, will need to be 10 ㎡ x ( 100 ~ 300) LM / ㎡ = 1000 ~ 3000 LM luminous flux. Thirdly, the function of the space is one of the high and low for reading and studying of the brightness of the study, and to the rest of the bedroom, with the requirement of the intensity of illumination is obviously different. Such as mentioned in the above table, general activity is 100 lm / ㎡, writing reading requires 300 lm / ㎡. But if the person is in the bedroom, there are also reading and learning needs, to adopt the way of 'mixed lighting' to the operation, or add supplementary lighting lamps and lanterns, such as table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp.
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