The hotel lighting considering the different material quality the quality

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
Hotel lighting is a kind of life often see decoration accessories, but the crystal material quality lighting than other material of lamp act the role ofing more showily, also will be more suitable for some complex or is the sitting room of Europe type style decoration, yet on the market have all kinds of different hotel lighting, how should we choose? Even the hotel lighting also has all kinds of different material quality standards, at present very many consumers will prefer swarovski authorization is acted the role of the brand, as compared with other lighting material, swarovski segmentation process is very professional, can show a hotel lighting (bright Sparkling describe) Under the light, we can know more about domestic now what brand has got the authorization. In example room lighting is the eye of the household, family without lamps and lanterns, like people have no eyes, no eyes family can only live in the dark, so the light is very important position in the family. Now people will be called lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, people can see from the title, it is not just used for lighting lamps and lanterns has, it also can be used to decorate a room. Consider different purchase channels of the hotel lighting according to the different purchase channels of the quoted price is not the same, Austrian crystal has the better market products, some consumer is buying directly the hotel lighting material quality, and then entrust some manufacturer to make the follow-up processing, then the import material is certainly more expensive. Hotel general lamps and lanterns is beautiful droplight usually have more complex shape and chimney, if wet dusty, lamps and lanterns is often easy to rust, paint, chimney is increasingly dim because of soil; Not to deal with, droplight brightness decrease about thirty percent a year on average, a few years, droplight will dim without luster. Considering different style hotel lighting also has all kinds of different styles, the hotel lighting want to have a better visual effect, still need to design with high quality as the foundation, hotel lighting design will be more suitable for indoor environment design style. Enduring hotel lighting manufacturers should pay attention to color different class hotel lighting service life are also different. Although not highlight the differences between middle and high class, high low quality differences between is obvious. Consumer hotel lighting when the choose and buy should first look at its colorful effect, and then take a look at its gold-plated layer, generally more high-grade metal parts for 24 k gold plating, this gold-plated years will not change color, also won't rust, cheap, short of this effect, two or three months you will lose the original color. Cheap hotel lighting after a period of time, the color will be dark, stents appear rust, while upscale two or three years or longer will not change color. If it is a large area of the sitting room is decorated accessories, then consider Europe type style of lamp act the role ofing is better, but the price is more expensive, because the crystalline light itself is much, pretty delicate European hotel lamp is acted the role of price, the market price is between ten thousand yuan and the similar, or requires a combination of personal economic ability to decide whether to purchase which the price of lamp act the role ofing is better.
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