The hotel how to choose crystalline light is better

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-22
How to choose better 0 - hotel crystal light 0 - Wants to be a fantastic hotel environment, be sure to work from the aspects of decorate, want to decorate a style, become dream except in hard outfit soft outfit efforts, our choice of lamps and lanterns is also very important. Hotel crystal lamp is a good choice, but also a lot of hotels in decorating a process without a choice, in the selection process, how can we choose more appropriate? We'll take a look at decorate expert how to introduce for us. Hotel how to choose crystalline light is good, want to do a good job in hotel decoration, first you need to pay attention to how to position crystalline light style of the hotel? The first point is to look at your hotel as what kind of decorate a style, there are three kinds of archives decorate a style, if he belongs to high-grade and high-end business club model, we in the choice of lamps and lanterns must choose color looks warm this kind of lighting and other decorate show effect are common. , it is must to determine from the aspects of shape, may be some people like square, may be some people like a diamond, or now the abstraction of irregular shape, a variety of shapes, in general are relatively rich, how to choose a suitable for our hotel decorate a style to the lamps and lanterns of shape? The first point to note is the size of your room have how old, you need to choose how much lamps and lanterns, the shape of lamps and lanterns if too strange, may appear too abrupt. So if necessary, we also need according to room size, the style of the room for choice. , choose hotel crystal lamp must know the quality of the product is absolutely important, we had a lot of strength to get this thing is installed on the wall, if because your choice of product is not up to standard, so lead to products later use process problems mount, so this aspect is especially not cost-effective, so choose the lamps and lanterns of hotel decorate must pay attention to safety, not only to pay attention to the aspects of installation, whether also need to pay attention to product meets with the relevant standards, in accordance with relevant product standards is the best. Hotel how to choose crystalline light is better like crystalline light hotel merchants can also take a look at the guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns, the product of lamps and lanterns is very good, can bring us a strong decoration effect, want to let their own lamps and lanterns decorate look is not the same as others, certainly still have to work from the aspects of light color, choose the suitable products, the appropriate color, appropriate specifications, our hotel will be able to decorate so beautiful. Become the most attractive hotel, hope you can choose to think the right hotel crystal lamps and lanterns, add a color to your hotel. The previous: hotel crystal lights how to choose the next: hotel crystal lamp installation to safer product recommendations
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