The full copper lamp purchased by Mr. Liu from Sichuan has been installed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Mr. Liu from Sichuan told us today that all the copper lamps purchased have been successfully installed, the quality of the lamps is very satisfactory, and the family likes it very much. Mr. Liu is our old customer, and his first house is also the full copper lamp of snooker. Last year, through communication with customers, I learned that the home is a European-style decoration style, and the furniture is also custom-made mahogany furniture. At first, the customer was very entangled in the selection, because there are many styles, I don't know which one to choose. Therefore, our customer service made several sets of European-style all-copper lamp matching schemes according to the customer's floor height and area, and finally confirmed the style after screening the style many times. After receiving the goods and installing them, the customer was very satisfied and quickly told us that there was still a house to be decorated next year. He must also look for your snooker! This is not the case. Mr. Liu's second house is also the full copper lamp of snooker, which is the installation effect of the full copper lamp in the bedroom of the new house. Master bedroom: SZ50703- 03 the simple and elegant yellow linen fabric chandelier is matched with the white linen bedside wall lamp of the same series, which makes the bedroom feel like a whole match and sets off the warmth and comfort of the bedroom. Second bedroom: SZ07009- 06 retro spray yellow frosted glass lampshade slightly old effect, more highlights the European classical charm, lampshade on the exquisite copper flower decoration, soft light, installed in the bedroom is very suitable.
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