The fourth sales skill of glass solder lamp-When customers question the introduction

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-14
When our shopping guides are constantly introducing customers to the characteristics of glass solder lamps and the unique selling points of the brand. There are many customers who will question this: Wang Po sells melons, of course, he has to praise himself. When you buy things, you all say good, which one does not say your own glass solder lamp! Faced with customers' doubts about our glass solder lamps, many inexperienced shopping guides instinctively responded when they did not fully understand the meaning behind the words. If you say so, I have no choice. 2. Forget it, anyway, I said you don't believe it. 3. To be honest, you don't know much about our industry. We operate XXX brand glass solder lamp XXXX 4. Some impatient shopping guides may also have disputes with customers. 5 ,(Keep silent and continue to do your own thing) We try to think in perspective. When we use the above methods to deal with customers' doubts about our glass solder lamps, the result is obviously to push customers to competitors. We need to find a correct way to deal with customers' doubts about our glass solder lamps. First, we need to find out what the real intention is behind the customers' saying: 1. At present, there are many brands of glass solder lamps, its product quality and after-sales level are also uneven. However, no matter which shopping guide has the same information as our introduction, it makes customers feel at a loss. 2. There are more opportunities, I am afraid that this time I will be fooled. 3. Maybe the customer is just a casual joke. 4. Behind the words of the customer is to pave the way for bargaining with you. 5. Customers may be able to get something different from others from your products that is really valuable to glass solder lamps instead of boasting. Behind the question raised by customers, we believe that the principle of handling is: when customers don't trust us, the first thing to do is to restore our trust from customers; . We can try to resolve it from the following aspects. 1. Shopping guide: Miss, what you said also exists, so I can fully understand your concern. However, please rest assured that our store has been open in this place for more than three years. Our business is mainly based on word of mouth and quality, so we will never take risks with our business integrity. We will definitely use reliable quality to gain your good Trust, which I am very confident because our glass solder lamp (Material, style advantages). . . . . . If possible, we can also do some small experiments or pictures and videos on the spot to strengthen customers' favorable impression on us. 2. Shopping guide: I can understand your idea, but please rest assured on this point, first, our melons are really sweet, which I am very confident. Second, I am a melon seller and I have sold melons in this store for many years. If the melon is not sweet, you will come back to me. Why should I find trouble for my son? Of course, it is not enough for me, a melon seller, to say sweet melons. It is better for others to say sweet melons. Come on, take a look at these renderings taken from the homes of customers who bought our glass solder lamps. Come, miss, this way, please, you can find out! ~
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