The difference between outdoor all-copper wall lamp and indoor all-copper wall lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
All-copper wall lamp is a branch inside all-copper lamp, which can be divided into outdoor and indoor according to different uses. Because of the different use of all-copper wall lamps, there is a big difference between outdoor and indoor design and use. Indoor All-copper wall lamps are mostly used in living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms and other rooms, which mainly play a role of auxiliary traction lighting, which is very important for light treatment. It is neither too bright nor too dark, so that the presumptuous guest takes the lead, and too dark will lose the effect that the wall lamp should bring. Most outdoor all-copper wall lamps will be used in balconies, front stairs and other places that will be more in contact with the outdoor environment, which will have much higher requirements for lamps. In order to protect rainwater, sunlight and dust, the technological treatment of lamps is very strict. For how to better match outdoor and indoor wall lamps, this should be considered according to many factors of home environment and style. A good all-copper wall lamp can improve the atmosphere and grade of the whole environment.
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