The development trend of zhongshan lighting factory in the future

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
Zhongshan guzhen lighting factory in the future trend of the development of what is the future trend of indoor lighting lamps and lanterns as people low carbon environmental protection consciousness enhancement, energy saving and environmental protection is undoubtedly the important magic weapon to win the future lighting design, choose the light source of high photosynthetic efficiency, low energy consumption of lamps and lanterns is in testing the indoor stylist determination. Nowadays, the LED light source, become a hot topic in the design of lighting. LED products have many advantages of lighting, or even subvert the traditional on outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of sense, but the LED light source at present, there are some deficiencies, and cannot be completely replace other lamps and lanterns is the only product. In traditional indoor lighting, lamps and lanterns has advantages are obvious, such as metal halide lamp luminous efficacy and color rendering, the accent lighting to create aesthetic feeling, light distribution in the space of soft and tensile, etc. The diversity of indoor lamps and lanterns is a guarantee of indoor light absorbing. Interior design requires a different color temperature, light and color rendering of the breadth of the lamps and lanterns to enrich horizon space interface properties of the different also need different lighting design. So, the LED is just a selection of the lighting design, but in view of the development direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED products will win a bigger space in indoor lighting. Lighting in the future will be more energy saving and environmental protection. Close search: crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight of zhongshan, please log in to http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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