The development trend of understanding of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
In the process of high-grade club lighting, such as hotel lighting lighting, high-grade lamps and lanterns lighting, home lighting, etc are customized according to own actual need to lamps and lanterns, so we can make customized lamps and lanterns more can satisfy the space style, size, and personalized needs. In hotel in the production of lamps and lanterns, for example, its mainly high-end luxury, main function is to play the role of build atmosphere. Because of this, the hotel's commonly used lamps and lanterns is developed, such as a wall lamp, lamp, ceiling lamp, emergency lights, and other products are being build atmosphere of the hotel. Because now the style of lamps and lanterns emerge in endlessly, before buy lamp act the role ofing, hello first to find out the development trend of modern lighting, in order to avoid new buy back lighting was forced out of bad luck. When the guests enter the room card to open mode, welcome to the guests safe and comfortable atmosphere. The scene at the same time also can be used to receive a visitor. By the head of a bed intelligent face buttons or by the system automatically cut into the rest mode, make guests relaxed, free and lazy mood. From the perspective of the main material of high-grade lamps and lanterns: can be divided into marble lamp, crystal lamp, cloth lamp, ceramic lamp. Lighting according to the style of light, can be divided into European style, Chinese style, simple, modern American four kinds of different style. According to the use of lamps and lanterns, lamp can be divided into the droplight, absorb dome light, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, lens headlight. The colour of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the environment of household decorates a style. The bedroom lamplight decorate must consider the style of furniture inside the bedroom metope color, the colour of household appliances. The size of the lamps and lanterns should based on the indoor area, what furniture configuration and the corresponding measure. Such as 12 square meters of little sitting room appropriate USES a diameter of 200 mm below the dome light or wall lamp. In the sitting room of 15 square metre, should use a diameter of 300 mm or so ornamental design droplight, absorb dome light or fork lamp shall not exceed 400 mm in diameter. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, install the bulbs work is completed, the body can't touch any kind of charged material, so as to ensure the health of human body. On the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns has a electric shock prevention device, only in the electric shock device can meet the demand of use in full, the body is safe. From the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of the cross-sectional area of how to determine the quality of lamps and lanterns. When buy, can have a look at whether the lamps and lanterns on the insulation of the wire on bearing the mark. Hotel engineering lamps and lanterns on the conductor cross-sectional area at least 0. 5 mm/square, is applicable.
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