The development and advantages and disadvantages of crystalline light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
Crystalline light appeared in the sixties and seventies of the last century, probably in China started in the ninety s, after development in 2002, 2005 and 2006, crystal lamp enterprise multiple population growth, in 2007 was lighting industry as the 'crystalline light years'. Current domestic production enterprises crystal lamp product assembly or a total of more than 300 large and small, mainly concentrated in zhongshan guzhen and dongguan respectively. According to incomplete, estimates that this two years of average annual sales of 10 - crystalline light , no less than $15 a popular contemporary and contracted lamp and low-pressure lamp on the market. Lighting factory zhongshan tip in the eyes of consumers, because the appearance of crystalline light compared with other lighting category looks more handsome, more upscale, more can represent a kind of luxury, more can satisfy people's psychology of pursuit of richly prosperous life desire, so, don't know the consumers for its love and love, and knowledgeable vendors is to seize the consumer does not know the weakness, also big blow, blow the beauty of crystalline light. Whether imported crystal, or domestic crystal, all labeled the same paragraph. English become lighting lighting factory zhongshan hint of crystalline light quality mainly depends on the match of crystal pendants, crystal ball or crystal, and crystal hanging decoration quality high and low, and the key lies in its purity, cutting, polishing, and lead. The crystalline light on the current domestic market with the crystal pendant is generally divided into three levels: the upscale crystal represented by Austrian crystals, lead content of more than 35%, the cut surface can reach more than 200, more than the light refraction, the effect of crystal shine; Followed by Egypt and the Czech republic and other countries the production of crystal, lead content reached 30%, belong to the intermediate product, the cut surface can reach more than 100; And domestic crystal contain only about 10%, the purity is low, belong to the low class product. The lamp is acted the role of this paper is: be Hui lighting lighting co. , LTD. Relevant search: zhongshan lighting factory zhongshan crystal droplight | | crystal chandelier manufacturers | | Hui lighting lighting co. , LTD
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