The creative folding of the all-copper lamp industry came out

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
A brochure called the creative of the all-copper lamp industry has recently come out in snooker. This brochure is designed for the company to participate in the Russian lighting exhibition next year. This folding page focuses on introducing the emerging all-copper lamps for snooker Mercure to the target group, showing the achievements of all-copper lamps for snooker Mercure in the field of lighting, thus setting up a strong, professional and trustworthy all-copper lamp for snooker Mercure among the target group; Corporate image. In short, this folding requires new ideas, atmosphere and foreign style from content to form; Have a strong sense of culture. After understanding and analyzing the corporate culture, product line and the needs of the target customers of the all-copper snooker in Mercure, the creative folding advertising company, the five easy drafts finally finalized the fold.
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