The communication process for receiving customized customers of engineering lights! ! !

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
In the lighting industry, we will meet all kinds of customers. For sales, different customers should have different reception methods. Let's talk about how to receive engineering lamp customers? Customer: we are from a decoration company and need a batch of engineering lights. Does your company have any? Sales: Hello, Mr. and Ms. XXX, what kind of project is your side? Customer: we are a hotel project and need a batch of all-copper double-headed wall lamps in the corridor. Can your company do it? Sales: Our company specializes in producing all-copper lamps and has 18 years of experience in lamp production. Are you looking at our regular money first? Or do you need to customize it? Customer: the lights that our hotel needs have been confirmed by the designer. There are specific specifications, materials and quantity requirements. Can you see if you can do it directly according to the drawings? Sales: OK, Mr. /Ms. XXX, according to the drawings you sent, we have a preliminary look here. There is no similar style in our regular model, the lamp you want needs to be customized. I will send the lamps and related requirements you need to customize to our professional designers to see if they can be customized. If they can be customized, I will send the quotation and related information to you later. Customer: OK, look at it here. If you can do it, you can give us a quote. Sales: Mr. /Miss XXX, Hello, our designer has confirmed that the lamp you sent can be made, but it needs to be opened, and the price will be higher than that of conventional lamps, this is a detailed quotation for customized lamps. Please check it here. Customer: The price is slightly higher. Can't the price be lower? SALES: Well, the customized lamps on your side involve mold opening, and the cost of mold opening is somewhat high, so if you want to produce samples on your side, you need to add the cost of mold opening. If you continue to produce in the later period, you don't need to add the cost of mold opening, just pay the price set by the lamp directly. Customer: OK, I see. I'll discuss it with the project manager. Sales: No problem, you think about it here, if you feel right, you can contact us at any time, snooker, I wish you a happy life! The above is the basic process of selling and receiving engineering lamp customers. Customers who receive engineering lights should not be busy and happy. They must first understand the needs of customers in order to better serve customers and solve their doubts, so as to facilitate the transaction.
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