The cleaning and maintenance methods of crystalline light

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
1, zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturer to prompt the construction of the workbench: if there is no oil pressure type automatic elevator, to build simple and easy, safe can degrade the work platform, platform height to crystal droplight people standing up for ace can touch the lamp body top shall prevail. 2, crystal beads, wipe: wipe bead, must have a soft cloth with diluted detergent water, gently wipe (at the same time in the crystal beads are back When wiping cannot hold down, in order to avoid breaking strings) 。 3, keep the balance of the lamp body: if you want to clean all the strings removed, large lamps and lanterns to note down the strings of the balance of the lamp body, don't hurt the side down again on the other side and cause the lamp body tilt, lead to the lamp body or frame deformation; Should be around before and after the match the disassembly. 4, wipe the stent accessories: wipe the stents, accessories, soft cloth don't touch water can't touch alcohol water, in particular, in order to prevent chafing plating protective film outside influence the surface of the lamp shine effect. 5, pay attention to safety operation: wipe the lamp, to cut off the power supply; Light bulbs will unload wipe clean again after installed; Bulb precession moderation, too loose will produce poor contact; Too tight may turn bad light bulb. 6, zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturer tip timely replacement parts: buckle rust color beads of connection, not beautiful, two brittle crack, it is best to change, by the way; Beads found defects, should be timely completion. This article from: lighting lighting co. , LTD. Relevant search: zhongshan lighting factory zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturers | | crystal chandelier manufacturers | lighting lighting co. , LTD
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