The choose and buy hotel lamp, are you good at?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-23
The choose and buy hotel lamp, are you good at? 0 - 0 - Our lamp when the choose and buy must clear the guangdong hotel product characteristics of lamps and lanterns manufacturers, but also need to understand their use of product need to which a few respects. Hotel in the planning and design process of professional lighting equipment is very important, our lighting equipment is usually requires several different places, mainly on function or give priority to with decoration? We are going to have to make the corresponding understanding. Hotel lamp of choose and buy, are you good at the guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer production product variety and more, have a plenty of for the lobby of the hotel, have a plenty of suitable for window, have a plenty of suitable for dance halls, still have a plenty of suitable for restaurant, so these are all referred to as the lamp, but also has the very big difference, we first need to know is the lighting or decoration, some products are basically tended to decorate, such as his read on the Internet are those lights look very beautiful, but really is not good, to the bright degree of the bright degree feels as though it was hazy, not let a person feel very bright at once, as if the house face no lights, only a few neon light shadow. In fact, this is what we demand is different, for instance in a hotel room decoration process are generally choose among those hazy, but if they are in the ballroom and hall, the lamp is very, very bright, and there are some special colors. Hotel lamp, the choose and buy, please choose the products you have to pay more attention to, in many aspects, now the hotel lighting is essentially belong to the five-star hotel standard specification, so in the process of design, we both belong to the landscape design, and landscape design, still belongs to the decorative lighting, require deliberate design. Guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer in the design of products, also have the reasons, if you don't know how to consider how to choose and buy, so we can through introducing professional sales staff to understand the interpretation of this product is suitable for yourself. In all hotel lighting has a lot of, we must first know the visual impact, also need to know the use effect, when the choose and buy the lamps have been a lot of really to know. Anyhow we are in the process of choose and buy, be sure to look at the various aspects, first of all you need to look at the characteristics of the lamp products, need to know about the ballast is durable, form a complete set in short we in the process of the choose and buy must consider many aspects to be able to think of choose and buy suitable products. To see these, you feel light is really a lot of choose and buy. On an article: the hotel decoration: the choice of lamps and lanterns is crucial for the next article: what is the distinguishing feature of guangdong hotel lamps and lanterns manufacturer of lamp products recommended
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