The characteristics of the marble lamp briefly

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
Lighting factory zhongshan hint of modern life always associated with hectic, who wouldn't want to let the nerves all relax at home. After a busy day, quiet night, with a wisp of downy lamplight, a pot of fragrance of green tea, reading a elegant prose embodied in mind also with the desk that continuously spread tea, enjoy the leisure time of the day. Antique lamps and lanterns of marble can let you feel the mysterious more incisively and vividly, warm emotions, a kind of discursive seriously, is both art and has a strong humanistic color. Stone lighting system of the origin of the stone lamp goes very far back in time. Stone lamp mainly popular in the han dynasty and wei jin northern and southern dynasties, which is closely connected with Buddhism was introduced into China. Stone lamp is closely related to Buddhism 'part of grottoes culture', gradually moved away from the original practical function, become a particular period of the ritual vessels. According to records, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province near longshan lad temple have a lamp that existing beiqi tianbao seven years ( In 556 AD) Made of stone lamp, is one of the earliest ever found in stone lamp. Marble class and always the marble of the origin of a product on the market at present, which has two kinds of natural marble and artificial marble, marble feel is smooth, exquisite appearance, natural color light and solid, light effect hazy atmosphere; Artificial marble because next day handmade, the color is relatively monotonous. On the domestic market of lamps and lanterns of marble stone material is multi-purpose XueHuaShi produced in Spain, XueHuaShi is famous for its high price, with chrome plated copper, the appearance of the whole lighting appear atmosphere. Marble lamp light transmittance charm marble lamp is very good, open lamp, can see clearly the pattern of natural stone chimney. Marble lamp with the purest color emotion, the blend of Chinese and western, the combination of ancient and modern style, feel infinite time space expands, personality is glittering and translucent light and dazzing. The antique lamps and lanterns of marble can let a person experience the emotion of the classical incisively and vividly. Marble although there is no gorgeous appearance, but after manufacturing division of manual sculpture, can become elegant lamp act the role ofing, for you to create a unique feeling of light, a little quiet, a bit of a sensibility, let you to extrapolate. Zhongshan lighting factory hint of high grade marble, Spain's country of origin of ALABASTER and exquisite crystal of a complete set of special process blends, melt Chinese traditional sculpture and Europe and the United States in a furnace of classical art, carefully designed the lamps and lanterns of the neoclassicism style, is elegant, and in conformity with the modern new building. In a wide variety of market of lamps and lanterns, decorative pattern, elaborate the lamps and lanterns of heavy and complicated, marble lamp belongs to quieter the gens of of primitive simplicity, its natural texture, grain is pure and fresh, has a lasting charm. This article comes from: Hui lighting lighting co. , LTD. Relevant search: zhongshan lighting factory zhongshan crystal droplight | | crystal chandelier manufacturers | | Hui lighting lighting co. , LTD
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