The chandelier in the living room of the home is too short to be touched by the hand. Is this appropriate?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
At present, the floor height of most commercial housing is generally low, about 2 meters. If the living room chandelier is installed, many owners feel that the lights are too short and can be touched as soon as they reach out. In fact, this is just an intuition. The living room chandelier is not only a lighting tool, but also a decorative effect. If it is too high, the decoration will be weakened, because the technological details of the living room chandelier are beautiful, closer to people, feel more, on the other hand is the light effect, hanging too high, the light effect is not necessarily good, so the living room chandelier, to pursue the appropriate height, generally speaking: living room chandelier on the ground, distance 1. 8 m-2 meters, table away from the lamp, 0. 85 m to 0. 95 meters, its luminous effect and decoration will be better, as long as it does not exceed the above height, it can generally achieve a warm and comfortable effect. The artistry of the living room chandelier brings a different style to your home, and the lighting effect is more pleasant and more emotional. Lamp is a kind of space art, which brings beautiful imagination to space, releases the pressure of life and enjoys light and shadow at your fingertips.
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