The bedroom crystal absorb dome light collocation program

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-10-20
The bedroom is a place for people to rest, is different from the sitting room advocate the lamp, the bedroom is comfortable, elegant style is simple, the simple but elegant crystal absorb dome light is a good choice for the bedroom crystal chandelier. A few lighting factory to match below.

simple modern style bedroom, without too much decoration, tie-in SX07005 - 04 crystal absorb dome light is very appropriate, creative black crystal copper bronze box tie-in white frosted glass, appear intellectual elegance.

SX07035- 04 crystal absorb dome light, with elegant warm bedroom supplies restoring ancient ways, foil to whole bedroom sweet all the more.

SX21502- 03 one is special glass dome light, modelling is simple, full of contemporary feeling, tie-in simple bedroom is very feeling. The dome light installation is convenient, easy to clean, is the numerous customers like model.

18 years is a research and development production of crystal lamp is acted the role of the manufacturer, to serve the customer, the fear of the customer's every penny! To learn more crystal absorb dome light design, please directly dial the free hotline:.
, attentively complete light!
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