The all-copper lamp sales team went to the factory to learn the lamp production process

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
Today, snooker's sales partners came to snooker's all-copper lamp factory to learn and understand the production process of lamps and lanterns again. In order to create high-quality all-copper lamps, our copper materials are all from regular manufacturers in ancient towns, not recycled copper. The first area we walked into was the production workshop of American lamp accessories. Looking at the skilled old master putting pieces of copper bars into the machine for polishing, the master told us that this process is called a milling machine, in order to smooth the corners of the copper blocks, which is not only beautiful, but also ensure the safety of making all-copper lamps. There are also cutting beds, polishing, folding plates, cutting plates and punching are the basic treatment of copper fittings. And the master over there is pressing the elbow of the all-copper chandelier. Looking at us with a puzzled expression, the master smiled and said, this is pressing the elbow with a mold, which is filled with sand, this time the friends are even more confused, why should the copper tube be filled with sand? The Master also said that the sand is stuffed in the elbow, so that the Pressed elbow will not be deformed to ensure the perfect shape of the elbow. There are many production processes for snooker all-copper lamps. Even if it is only a small accessory, we also do it with our heart. Only when the foundation is completed can we ensure that the lamps produced are good. Then we came to the accessories quality inspection area. When our accessories are ready, they cannot be sent online immediately to start the production of lamps and lanterns. Our accessories must also be strictly inspected, and only qualified accessories can enter the production. Piles of copper fittings placed on the table, qualified on one side, unqualified on the other side. After the inspection, the accessories will be placed in the corresponding area with a sealed bag. This is the first time we have seen such a organized process. When it comes to snooker all-copper lamps, we have to mention our solder lamps. The process of wrapping copper bars is a very subtle process. First of all, the selection of copper bars. The copper bars of the all-copper lampshade of snooker Meiju do not wrap the glass in a random size. We have a secret recipe for this; Of! You see, the master over there is pressing the copper bar. Hey, what is the tool for pressing the copper bar? The master told us that this process is not available to other manufacturers. The copper bars we made are all pressed with the corresponding lampshade glass mold, which is exactly the same as the thickness of the lampshade glass, only in this way can we make the process of wrapping the copper bars of our lamps perfect, and with the following lead-free solder, our copper bars will never leave the glass and will always be together; . The Master also told us that only the copper bar of the lampshade made in this way will not turn out, which can not only ensure the beauty, but also ensure the service life of the lamp. Unconsciously, we came to the third floor and saw the workers and aunts washing the lights. One of the aunts said that she was not washing the lamp but coloring the lamp. When she said coloring, why didn't she see the pigment? It turns out that the secret of coloring is here. First we see three pools, but the inside of the pool is not all water. The first pool is sulfuric acid, used to clean fine impurities on copper fittings on lampshades. Then the second pool is clean water. The lampshade is cleaned with clean water. Finally, the lamp is put into the pool with black water. It is colored. After the lamps are soaked, the aunts begin to wipe the color by hand, not the Kui is a veteran, wiping strength is different, color effect is not the same, whether it is deep bronze, or bronze, aunts are comfortable. The lecherous lamps are dried with paper towels and then put into the drying room for drying. We should not be careless in every step. Most of the time passed unconsciously. The last thing we came to was the warehouse of snooker. We looked at the warehouse full of packed goods waiting to be delivered. For each lamp, we first pack it with the corresponding foam lamp model, and the outside of the box is covered with strong wooden frames. Only in this way can the delivered goods be damaged. It's getting late, and our way of learning has come to an end! Snooker All-copper lamps make us really feel that high-quality lamps need to be done with care!
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