The 8th skill of glass solder lamp shopping guide

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Some customers have visited many stores that sell Glass solder lamps. When they go to our store, they ask: which ones have similar glass solder lamp products next door, which one is good? Answer principle: Remember that belittling competitors does not help win the trust of customers. We often give the following answers to our daily work 1) Our glass solder lamp is a better brand in China. . . . . . 2)It's hard to say, it's not bad. 3)Each has its own characteristics, depending on personal preferences 4)I don't know much about other glass solder lamps 5) They are just advertising too much. In fact, the above answers cannot convince the customers completely. Instead of this, we might as well guide the customers according to the following ideas 1) Shopping Guide: in fact, our family and the next door's glass solder lights are very good brands, but each has its own characteristics, mainly depends on your favorite style and style. There is also a problem that is not suitable for you. The characteristics of our brand are. . . I think he is especially suitable for you. . . . 2) You are really good-looking. Which brands of glass solder lamps next door to our house have their own characteristics and styles. They are all very good brands. The key is to see if they are not suitable for you, may I ask if you usually pay more attention to materials when choosing. . . . (Guide customers to express their preferences) If so, I think our brand is especially suitable for your personalized needs, because our products emphasize. . . . Our characteristic is. . . . Miss, things must be personally experienced before you can know. Come on, this is our exhibition area. You can know it by experiencing it first, miss, this way, please.
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