the 8 most common living-room decorating mistakes

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-24
At this point, you have attended enough bridal showers and Thanksgiving dinners to know what you did and don\'t like the living room of others.
Although our friends are very tasteful, almost everyone will make some mistakes.
Here, eight renovation mistakes, what can you do to fix them.
Related: According to ScienceMistake 1: the color we know is not enough and you will choose minimalism.
But the zero color is easy to look less modern and stylish, more boring and sterile.
Solution: Baby StepsThrow pillow! Art!
You don\'t need to be in terra-
Cotta, but the popularity of color will bring personality and vitality to the room.
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Matchy furniture away from the price matches liferoom set.
Solution: Mix it up and replace it with furniture that is eclectic in texture, size and time period.
As long as the scale is correct and you have uniform elements (
Like the color family)
All of this will be connected.
Error 3: people, this is not the locker room, only the lights on the top of the head.
Solution: lighting around the area with table and floor lamp and installing some dimmer, stat.
Different light sources, heights, and brightness give a warm, flattering glow.
Related: 6 tips to make your apartment look brighter at once 4: All the furniture is attached to the wall, you just want to create the illusion of more space, however, putting everything together on the wall creates an overly formal atmosphere.
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Error 5: without the end table you will balance that Malbeck on your sofacushion?
Yes, I don\'t think so.
Solution: End tableduh.
Error 6: The Art hangs too high, the photos and paintings just a few centimeters from the ceiling do not raise the height of the room, it just makes us racking our brains to see the beauty.
Related: 11 cool items to mix into your Gallery wallpaper: ThinkEye level art should be hung so that the center of the work is about 60 inch from the floor. (
This is a memo. )Mistake 7: Too-
The carpet is small and expensive.
However, if the proportion is not appropriate, it may affect the decoration of the whole room.
Solution: fill the space according to the general rules
The room carpet should be exposed to the front legs of each piece of furniture nearby (
But it doesn\'t matter if it gets bigger).
Error 8: useless furniture urea desk might seem like a good idea at the time, but would you really use it?
Related: There are 7 things on the table that make you unhappy: buy what you need and design around it. It is not shameful to have an office area in the living room, as long as you use it.
Choose a design that suits your lifestyle.
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