Tell you to install aisle all copper lamps should pay attention to these 3 points

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
The overall home improvement is a big event, and every detail is sloppy. In addition to the installation of the main light in the living room and the lamp in the bedroom, the installation of the aisle lamp also needs attention. Today, snooker Meiju tells you three major matters that should be paid attention to when installing all-copper lamps for aisle lamps. First, determine the installation location. First of all, we need to determine the installation position of the all-copper lamp in the corridor, whether it needs to be installed in the middle of the corridor or on the side. All these need to be planned in advance. Second, make a mark. If all copper lamps in the corridor are planned to be installed with all copper wall lamps, mark the position of the expansion screw on the wall according to the hole in the hanging plate of the wall lamp. Third, drilling. Use an electric drill to drill holes in the marked wall, but before doing this, remember to know the wiring layout so as not to drill into the wires, and pay attention to the depth of the drilling.
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