Tell you the Villa restaurant chandelier to buy three

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
The living room in Villa decoration needs to be decorated with great efforts, and the decoration of the restaurant is also an important link that cannot be ignored. Choosing a suitable and beautiful restaurant chandelier can not only stimulate appetite, but also set off the family atmosphere and make the home more warm. Therefore, when choosing chandeliers in Villa restaurants, you cannot choose them at will. You should also pay attention to the following points: first, the style and size of chandeliers in restaurants should match the overall style of restaurants and the shape of dining tables, because the size of the space and the shape of the dining table are closely related to the number, brightness and configuration of chandeliers. For example, the long dining table should be matched with the dining room chandelier with multiple covers side by side to protect the rectangular dining room chandelier, while the round dining table is correspondingly matched with the dining room chandelier with round lampshades. Second, the brightness and height variability of restaurant chandeliers. Most of the restaurant chandeliers are hung above the dining table, and their brightness directly affects the diners' vision and dining mood. They adjust different light according to different occasions and render different dining atmosphere. In addition, because the ceiling height of each person's home is different, in order to meet the needs of different families, it is best to choose a restaurant chandelier that can be adjusted at any height. Third, consider the material and texture of the chandelier in the Villa restaurant and the difficulty of maintenance and cleaning. The common chandelier lampshade materials are glass lampshade and fabric lampshade. If the texture of the material is used, if the texture of the material is used, the glass lampshade chandelier is better, easy to clean and not easy to fall, the fabric lampshade is easy to shape and not easy to break.
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