Tell you the purchase skills of American lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
American decoration style is favored by many people. Take the lamps in decoration as an example, American lamps are also popular. In terms of materials, American lamps are generally divided into three types: wrought iron, copper and resin. The purchase of American lamps is also skillful. 1. Lampshades, the general American lamp shades are mostly linen fabric lampshades and white lampshades, of course, occasionally there will be black and other color lampshades, high-quality lampshades have uniform surface lines and soft and delicate hand feeling, the wireless head at the joint is exposed, and the re-sticking is even and small. When the light is illuminated, there is no too wide light at the joint to re-stick the shadow. 2. For example, the iron body of the lamp body has clear and smooth edges and corners, no trachoma on the surface, smooth and smooth, uniform and smooth color treatment, and strong texture. 3. Generally, consumers cannot judge the standards of lamp holders and wires from a professional point of view when purchasing lamp holders and wires, as long as the overall process of lamps and lanterns is fine and the 3C certification mark, I believe that the quality requirements of lamp merchants are really considered for consumers, and the relevant lamp accessories are also within the scope of eligibility. 4. After-sales protection, it is very important to choose a reliable and guaranteed brand. Generally, powerful merchants will have a perfect way to deal with the after-sales problems of products, and the products of regular manufacturers will have 3C safety guarantee. Please remember to pay attention to it when purchasing.
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