Tell you the preparations for the lighting to join the store

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
With the rapid development of the lighting industry, many people have begun to get involved in the lighting industry. However, the first thing to open a lighting franchise is to do a comprehensive preparatory work, which is the key to the success of the store, what are the preparations for snooker Meiju to tell you about lighting joining the store? First, the preparation of funds, there is no doubt that the first thing to consider when opening a lighting store is the issue of funds. The first thing is to locate the consumer groups facing your products, whether to take the middle and high-end route or the middle and low-end route, choose and determine your own route according to the local economic development; The number of second-and third-tier cities is about 10 to 200 thousand, and the number of first-tier cities is 30---500 thousand. Second, brand positioning there are many lighting brands. You can choose one or two big brands to attract customers. Other products can choose small brands. New stores are generally nervous in terms of funds, therefore, it is impossible to directly expand the brand. Large lamp brands cannot be selected too many, mainly to give consumers a comparative choice. Position the consumer groups you have to face to process the purchase. For the initial entrepreneurs, it is recommended to take the middle and low-end route, so that there are certain advantages in both capital and supply. Third, the location of the store the size of the store, the choice of the store location has a great impact on the business of the store. The size of the store can be determined according to its own financial resources. It is suggested to choose around the building materials market or next to other lighting stores. If none of the above is available, customers can choose the way to buy building materials. Fourth, the choice of supply to determine whether to join or own marketing. Friends at the beginning of the business are not recommended to join, because the franchise fee is more expensive. There is also the purchase of their own, this kind of mobility is better, when you choose to purchase, you can choose several big brands as business products, in the choice of a part of other brands of lighting, it is suggested that the number of lighting and the number of styles should be considered when purchasing. There are no more than 3 styles of each lighting when purchasing, and the number of lamps of the same style should be 3- 5 is appropriate, this can save money and avoid the backlog of goods. Five, shop decoration shop decoration is very important, whether it can attract customers to decorate is also very important. The main color system of the store should not be too complicated. The Light in the store should not collect too much natural light. You can use the light from the lamps of the lighting store. The layout of the store should be reasonable, and should be dominated by headlights or products with relatively large sales volume, occupying a prominent position; Other products are made around them.
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