Tell you the precautions for online shopping of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
Now, without leaving the house, the decoration of the home can be done properly, whether it is building materials or furniture, it can be done online. Of course, all copper lamps can also be purchased online. Snooker Mercure specializes in producing all-copper lamps for 18 years, both online and offline. Today snooker Mercure tells you the precautions for all-copper lamps. First, look carefully at the commodity information. Because buying all-copper lamps online is different from buying them in physical stores, you cannot directly see the real objects and feel the workmanship and quality of the lamps and lanterns. You can only know the situation of the commodities through pictures, therefore, when buying, we should pay attention to the proportion of product pictures, color difference and other factors. Second, the price should be reasonable. There are many all-copper lamps on the Internet, which look like the same styles everywhere, but some prices are quite different, so be sure to know the truth of one cent and one cent when buying, especially for lamps made of all-copper lamps, different manufacturers, different workmanship, different quality, and different prices, so don't try to be cheap, after receiving the goods, I found that I was not satisfied as expected. Third, the inspection should be cautious, buy a full copper lamp on the Internet, the first time after receiving the goods is to open the box to check the inspection, because the lamp shade is mostly glass, it is inevitable that there will be damage during transportation, therefore, after receiving the goods, open the box as soon as possible to check for damage or collision. Once the above situation is found, contact the merchant in time. Four, after-sales is very important, many people may pay more attention to style and price when buying all-copper lamps, and it is often easy to ignore the after-sales service, especially like all-copper lamps, some manufacturers do not pay attention to technology, if the anti-rust process is not handled properly, it is easy to oxidize and rust, so you should also know the relevant after-sales service provided by the merchant before purchasing.
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