Tell you the precautions for choosing indoor European wall lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Indoor European wall lamps are not only practical, but also have a strong decorative effect. When choosing European wall lamps, there is also a particular emphasis. First, furniture matching, when choosing European wall lamps, be sure to remember to choose wall lamps matching with furniture. For example, if your furniture is all warm colors, you should also choose softer and warmer colors when choosing European wall lamps, this will not appear too awkward. Second, the space is matched, the small apartment does not consider the installation of wall lamps is also possible. The apartment is slightly larger and can be installed. It can be used together with some spotlights and downlights. It not only plays the role of lighting, but also creates an indoor atmosphere. When installing, you must remember that the height of the installation should exceed the level line, not too bright, so that you can create some space sentiment. Three, different material lampshades European wall lamps have a lot of non-copper materials, different materials, creating a different atmosphere. Usually the bedroom often likes to choose some simple, simple fabric lampshade wall lamps or ordinary white frosted lampshades. The living room is a place for hospitality, showing the facade, you should choose some atmosphere, such as: solder glass lampshade, marble lampshade or jade lampshade. These materials are relatively suitable for the living room. The choice of European wall lamps can be considered from many different aspects. The main choice is to choose according to different personal situations!
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