Tell you how to replace the all-copper ceiling lamp when it is broken?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Ceiling lamps are now more popular lamps and lanterns, with bright lights, simple but steady, so many people will choose to decorate lamps and lanterns, take all-copper ceiling lamps for example, in recent years, it is also more and more popular among people. After using it for a long time, you will find that it suddenly does not light up and is broken. Then let's talk about how to change the all-copper ceiling lamp when it is broken. Generally, the all-copper ceiling lamp is broken, and only the lamp is easy to break. Everyone knows that all copper ceiling lamps emit light through current, so attention should be paid to some problems when changing. It is necessary to cut off the power supply first. At the same time, since the ceiling lamp is installed in a relatively high place, it is recommended that all people assist together, which is safer. We need to remove the lampshade of the all-copper ceiling lamp first, and then remove the lamp tube to see if the lamp tube is blackened. If there is blackening, it means that the rectifier may be broken, then first pull the plug on the rectifier from the lamp tube, then break the circlip of the fixed lamp tube, remove the lamp tube, take out the originally bought good lamp tube, and jam it with the circlip. Plug in the plug of the rectifier and finally buckle the lampshade, and then conduct a lighting test on the all-copper ceiling lamp.
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