Tell you how to light all copper lamps in the living room?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-09
The living room occupies a very important position in the home. It is a public place for guests and entertainment. It is no exaggeration to say that the living room is like the other face of the host family; . Therefore, the lamps and lanterns in the living room are also particularly particular about, and there is no room for sloppiness. Take the all-copper lamp in the living room as an example. It is not only about the style, but also about the lighting of the all-copper lamp in the living room. Snooker Mercure has been developing and producing all-copper lamps for 18 years. It is also quite a research on the lighting of all-copper lamps in the living room. The following snooker Mercure will tell you how to distribute all-copper lamps in the living room? I. When designing all-copper lamps in the living room for customers, the designer of snooker Mercure will first decide according to the size and design style of the customer's living room space, and configure different all-copper lamps according to different space attributes of the living room. Second, the living room full copper lamp lighting small details, the living room is a place where people often stay, the space illumination should be guaranteed to be uniform, creating a clear and cheerful atmosphere, so that people can feel very comfortable when staying, very easy. Third, the last is to use the lighting effect to create a different atmosphere, for example, the main light of the living room chose a full copper chandelier, some downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, etc. are installed on ceilings or walls as auxiliary lighting to supplement the brightness of corners. Appropriate brightness meets people's visual requirements during various activities and does not need to be too bright, otherwise, you will lose the feeling of elegance. Do you know the lighting of all copper lamps in the living room? For more information about all-copper lamps in the living room, please call the national toll-free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609.
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