Tell you how to install all copper chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Many home decoration customers or customers who change lamps will encounter installation troubles. Take all-copper chandeliers for example, many customers may become chandeliers due to improper installation methods; Off the light; , Today small make up just come for everybody to analyze the correct method of installation of all copper chandelier. All copper chandeliers are generally composed of bent pipes, middle pillars, lamps, covers, ceiling covers, hanging chains and lampshades. In order to facilitate the installation, more than 90% of the all-copper chandelier products of snooker are packaged in the whole lamp, and some copper chandeliers with too large lamp body size are packaged in bulk. When installing all-copper chandeliers, we need to read the installation instructions carefully before installing them. All the dental tubes of the snooker all-copper chandelier should be locked and not loose during the locking process, and should not be locked too hard. M10 teeth recommended 16- Between the 23KG force range, M12 tooth force 23-37KG between M16 dental 35-58 KG. In addition, if the lamp of the all-copper chandelier is made of brass and the elbow is made of resin. Because the resin material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, when locking the elbow, first check whether the elbow has a number, and the corresponding number needs to be assembled. When the lamp arm is locked, it is not tilted, otherwise, it is easy to cause the burst of the contact position of the lamp arm. We would like to remind you in particular that because the installation of electrical appliances is a high-risk operation, please be sure to ask a certified electrician with installation experience to install them. In addition, we must remind the electrician that when installing the all-copper chandelier, the junction box must be tightly connected, and the all-copper chandelier wire must not be exposed to the metal of the lamp body, be careful not to break the wires of the all-copper chandelier when twisting the screw. It is not very difficult to install all-copper chandeliers, but the details of installing all-copper chandeliers still need to be paid attention to. Proper installation can avoid some unnecessary problems.
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