Tell you how to clean all copper ceiling lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
In addition to choosing all-copper chandeliers, customers of the overall home decoration will also need some all-copper ceiling lamps to be installed in bedrooms, study rooms, corridors and other places. However, many people think that the all-copper ceiling lamp is close to the ceiling and feels that dust is not easy to enter and dirty, and it does not need to be cleaned at ordinary times. In fact, when the all-copper ceiling lamp is on, it will produce some electromagnetic reactions and easily absorb dust in the air; The light also attracts mosquitoes into the lampshade; In addition, the ceiling will be deformed due to long-term baking by lamps, thus forming some gaps to allow dust, flying insects, etc. to enter. After a long time, it is not only easy to blur the light, affect the vision, but also affect the beauty of the lamp. Next, snooker will tell you how to clean all-copper ceiling lamps. There are different cleaning methods for lampshades of different materials: cloth lampshades, you can use a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the surface dust first, then pour some detergent to scrub; If the inside of the all-copper ceiling lamp cover is made of paper material, avoid using detergent directly to prevent damage, and wipe it again with a dry cloth; If it is a frosted glass lampshade, use a soft cloth to clean the toothpaste, and the dirt at the bump can be wrapped with a soft cloth to handle the toothpick; The dirt on the lamp holder, first remove the surface dust, then squeeze a little toothpaste on the cotton cloth to scrub. There is also a small trick: Pour the edible vinegar of about one beer bottle cap into half a basin of water and mix well, soak the rag in it, wring out and wipe the lamp, so as not to damage the lamp. Regular cleaning of all-copper ceiling lamps can not only maintain a brand-new look, but also prolong the service life of lamps.
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