Tell you how much does it cost to join the lighting?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
The development of lighting industry is getting hotter and hotter, and more and more people are starting to go to sea; For novices, what is the most concerned issue when they want to open a lighting store? It is a matter of funds. How much funds do you need to prepare? The following snooker Meiju tells you how much it will cost to open a lighting store? Generally speaking, the economic development level of the city where the store is located is different, and the lighting franchise fee is also different. The investment fund of the lighting store needs to be more than 100 thousand yuan in the first-tier cities, which is relative to the overall consumption level of the city, second-and third-tier cities need 5- The opening fund of 100 thousand yuan needs more funds than the more prosperous big cities, and the small and medium-sized cities need less. The amount of lighting franchise costs is affected by the rent of the lighting store, the cost of water and electricity, the labor cost of the decoration and the local price, so it cannot be generalized. After investing in the lighting store, after removing the paid rent and decoration fees, it is better to have more than 50 thousand yuan of liquidity on hand.
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